Utile have recently installed and commissioning into service a new 330m3 Sattler model B9 119/205 ground mount, double membrane gas holder for Yorkshire Water at this site. This included new duty/standby air blowers, level and gas measurement as well as an over pressure valve. The membranes on the original 220m3 Domegas unit supplied by Vergas in 2005, were reported to be beyond their design life during annual inspection as were the air blowers. It was also apparent that lightning protection would be required and this was supplied under separate contract by regular partners GTS Group, to confirm to BSEN62305, LPS1, rolling sphere method of protection, as is normal practice for ground mounted gas holders.

Our site inspection pre-quotation determined that we were able to fit a larger gas holder onto the existing plinth, offering YWS as additional 110m3 of biogas storage capacity.

The new Gas Holder has the Sattler patented air flushing system and inner membrane movement control system. This design ensures no metallic parts, bungee cords or target plates are fitted inside the space, which past evidence shows are detrimental to operation and design life of the gas holder.

Utile have represented Sattler as their sole UK distributor of Gas Holders since 1991 and the length of their relationship is testament to the quality of the product supplied Sattler coupled with the professional service to supply, install, inspect and maintain the equipment throughout its design life by Utile.

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