Contracted by Costain through the Eight 2 0 Partnership, Utile have recently designed, installed and commissioned an 1100m3 Sattler Double Membrane Gas Holder, at, Thames Water Utilities Wargrave STW site. The bespoke design allowed install of the 1100m3 volume gas holder on to the existing footprint of the original 500m3 unit, thus reducing civil design and engineering costs as well as ensuring on time delivery to meet TWUL deadlines.

Utile also have their Model 876 and Model 90/5A centrifugal gas boosters installed here, feeding Biogas to the hot water boilers and Edina CHP plant. They continue to work with Thames Water on this site, and are currently upgrading their Digester Gas Mixing system by installing their Continuous diffuser gas mixing design and replacing the Northey oil free 15kW gas compressors with the more cost effective and efficient, Utile Model L175HP gas compressors with 11kW motors.

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