Contracted by Borough Engineering, this duty/standby natural gas booster package is destined for Southbank Place, Canary Wharf, London. Fully packaged to IGE/UP/2, UKCA and ATEX standards for installation within a zoned area, it comes fully CompEx wired. The Utile Model U2000A single stage centrifugal gas boosters are driven by 4.0kW, WEG, W22XB hazardous area motors, and designed to lift the Natural Gas Pressure up to 60mbarg at a flow rate of 1,580Sm3/hr to feed the onsite gas consumers. Controlled with Utile “SmartDrive” controls, this system will operate at varying speed to meet demand, thus ensuring the lowest possible power consumption and reliability of operation.

To compliment this, an additional Utile 90/5A, multistage gas booster, fitted with 4.0kW WEG drive motor and SmartDrive controls, will be installed for dedicated Natural Gas Feed to the CHP Engine designed for 250Sm3/hr flow at 150mbarg discharge pressure.

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