Gas Holders:

Interserve Project Services Ltd (IPSL) chose Utile to design, supply, install and commission 2No. 4050m3 Sattler, double membrane gas holder to this site for TWUL. Also supplied by IPSL are the lightning protection masts which are designed to BSEN62305, using the rolling sphere method to LPS11. This system is recommended by Lightning Protection contractors and preferred by many clients over the Faraday Cage method which is attached to the outer membrane and very close to the gas storage area. In the event of a lightning strike, masts keep the danger well away from the explosive area.

Gas Boosters:

Utile have also supplied IPSL a Duty/ Standby Gas Booster Package to feed the Waste Gas Burner and a Duty/Assist and Standby Gas Booster Package to feed the CHP Engines.

The Waste Gas Burner Boosters are single stage boosting 2016Nm3/hr with 5.5kw motors. The CHP Boosters are multistage boosting 1008Nm3/hr with 18.5kw motors.

Full plant commissioning is expected in summer 2012.

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