Utile supply their range of centrifugal single and multistage biogas boosters to QUBE Renewables for installation on their anaerobic digester plants. Qube use waste products e.g. Flower waste, cow manure, food waste etc to generate biogas. This biogas can then either be used for cooking, or can be generated into electricity. They also harness the waste heat and use that for heating. QUBE have designed and manufactured digesters globally, and have plants in Kenya, Canada, India, UK, Portugal, Cambodia, Philippines etc…. utilising the Utile Gas Boosters to deliver the biogas at elevated pressure to the Gas Holder, Gas Treatment Pods (for H2S removal) and Hot Water Boilers.

Qube’s most recent project is being shipped to Texas, USA, using the Utile Model 675/1 biogas boosters, complete with Nema, Class 1, CSA approved, 460v, 3phase, 60Hz drive motors. There are two systems, a wet and a dry. The wet will run on wetter feedstocks, such as livestock manure, food-processing waste or sewerage sludge, and the dry system uses feedstocks with much higher levels of cellulose – that is; rice straw, flower waste etc…. To view their products please visit their website on  https://www.quberenewables.co.uk/

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