Situated in Dorset, this 35mtr diameter Digestate Storage Tank was fitted with a Sattler HSR-E series emissions cover, when originally fitted in 2011 by Weltec as part of a complete Biogas Plant installation.

As part of the clients ongoing site resilience project, and as Sattler’s strategic UK partner for over 20 years, Utile were on hand to carry out the supervision and install of a replacement emissions cover in March 2022. Our skilled and experienced team of Sattler trained and GasSafe engineers were on hand when the delivery arrived and completed their task in only 2 days.

Utile are able to provide a full Install and Maintenance Service for ground or tank mounted double membrane gas holders, slurry tank emissions covers and lagoons, throughout the UK in Municipal works, Farm AD, Industrial Effluent or Food Processing Facilities. We provide Condition Reports and maintenance on existing plant as well as supply and install of new Sattler membranes and any associated equipment.

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