Contracted by C2V+ Joint Venture, Utile were chosen to design, manufacture, deliver and install the RTD Feed Tank Air Mixing System at this United Utilities site. Utile were selected based on their ability to deliver a quality turnkey aerobic mixing package with the level of support expected throughout installation, commissioning, training and ongoing service and support to the end client.

The duty/standby Air Mixing Compressor package incorporated the Utile manufactured L95HP sliding vane, air compressors. These quiet and efficient machines offer low absorbed with only 5.5kW motors fitted. The complete skid package was manufactured at Utiles’ Northamptonshire facility and  designed complete with enclosures and local stainless steel control panel, fully packaged and wired in accordance with UU and WIMES specifications.

The tank mixing was designed and installed with the Utile diffused air system, providing a flexible solution to enable adjustment of parameters to obtain the fine control needed within the process. Commissioning took place in the summer of 2019.


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