In May 2021 Utile were awarded the contract by S T Water to replace the existing Sattler gas holder on this site, which we originally installed in 2003. The asset was nearing its 20 year design life and was changed as part of a planned strategy to ensure the latest technology and safety features are implemented on the site. Installation took place in December 2021, with the whole process, from removal of old to install and bringing online of new, taking just 5 days.

The 330m3 ground mounted Gas Holder, Sattler Model B9 115/205 was designed and delivered to meet S.T. Water asset standards as well as Sattler’s patented air distribution and inner membrane control system. Fitted with a new laser level measurement device for accurate inner membrane control, supported by the original ultrasonic unit for duel system referencing.

New lightening protection masts and earth network system were installed to protect the gas holder to LPS 1 in accordance with BSEN62305, rolling sphere method.

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