In association with Morgan Sindall Grontmij JV, Utile are contracted to supply new equipment for the Bio-Energy Plant which extends the existing plant and up-grades to an advanced digestion process of Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP). This process has the effect of  increasing gas yield, improving sludge digestibility and destroying organic pathogens.

Gas Mixing:
A Utile, continuous anaerobic digester Gas Mixing System will be fitted on the new 4th digester to compliment the 3 existing digesters also fitted with Utile mixing. These will operate with duty/standby Utile, ATEX compliant, oil lubricated, sliding vane, air-cooled, gas compressor packages manufactured at our Northamptonshire works.

Gas Boosters:
A duty, assist and standby gas booster package will also be supplied and installed. Utile, Model U2000, single stage, oil free, ATEX compliant boosters will feed gas to the Waste Gas Burner, CHP and steam boiler plant.

Gas Holders:
An additional Sattler, double membrane Gas Holder of 2380m3 will be erected to increase the stored gas volume to 3420m3. Lightning protection masts, designed to BSEN62305 using the rolling sphere method to LPS11 will be installed.

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