Utile have recently installed two new 9,390m3 Sattler model B9 131/300 ground mount, double membrane gas holder for UU plc at this site as part of an overall upgrade to the gas storage area. The original air blowers, over pressure valves and gas detectors were retained as were the ABB laser level measurement instruments. New lightning protection masts were installed in accordance with BSEN62305 rolling sphere method.

The new Gas Holders have the Sattler patented air flushing system and inner membrane movement control system. This design ensures no metallic parts, bungee cords or target plates are fitted inside the space, which past evidence shows can be detrimental to operation and design life of the gas holder. Utile have represented Sattler as their sole UK distributor of Gas Holders since 1991 and the length of their relationship is testament to the quality of the product supplied by Sattler coupled with the professional service to supply, install, inspect and maintain the equipment throughout its design life by Utile.

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