Contracted by Northumbrian Water direct, Utile have been chosen to replace the 2No. Kirk Biodome GS218 gas holders with Sattler 1190m3 Model B9 118/250. These are equipped with the Sattler patented inner membrane stabilisation and air distribution systems. The original gas holders were only installed in 2009 and our internal inspections found the Biodome Type 1V materials to be cracking and delaminating due to brittleness, which led to the release of gas from the inner membrane into the air space.

During installation of the 1st gas holder in May 2018 we also upgraded the gas suction and delivery lines to provide “double isolation” and purge points, to allow safe maintenance of the system. This is expected to go on line in June 2018.

At this point, the 2nd gas holder will be replaced with the same gas line upgrades, as well as the installation of an enhanced Lightening Mast Protection system designed to LPS1 rolling sphere method in accordance with BSEN 62305.

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