Fully packaged, ATEX compliant gas booster packages have been designed and supplied by Utile to three separate Water Authorities for Black & Veatch projects.

Ashford WwTW
A single 125/3A multistage centrifugal gas booster set valued at 35K, delivering 983Nm3/hr of Biogas at 250mbarg. With 22kw variable speed drive this set is designed to provide Southern Water with back up to the Natural Gas supply feeding the dual fuel burner for their new dryer plant.

Bishop Stortford STW
Duty standby 90/3A multistage centrifugal gas boosters, valued at 28K, delivering 276Nm3/hr of Biogas at 100mbarg. With 3kw installed power the gas is fed to the CHP Engine and boilers for Thames Water.

Additional Model 700, duty standby, single stage biogas boosters have also been supplied at 15.5K to flow 137Nm3/hr to the Waste Gas Burner.

Cotton Valley WwTW
An Anglian Water site, operating a duty standby 125/3A multistage centrifugal gas booster package to feed 784Nm3/hr of Biogas to the CHP and Boilers at 114mbarg, driven by 7.5kW motors with acoustic enclosures reducing the noise level to 70db’A’ at 1mtr free field, at a value of 51K.

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