Having worked with this company previously, we were approached again, to design and supply a duty standby, natural gas booster package to feed their new glass furnace with raised gas pressure from the main. Turndown on gas throughput from high to low fire was considerable and our system was to be designed with variable speed control with the panel manufactured using specified components by Ardagh to provide commonality throughout their plant.

With a maximum gas flow of 2500Sm3/hr and pressure lift from 350 to 750mbarg our Model 200/7 multistage units were supplied, each belt driven by a 75kW, WEG, IE2 high efficiency motor. The package was designed in accordance with IGEM/UP/2 regulations. The footprint was limited due to space restrictions with the suction/discharge manifolds orientated to match existing termination points.

The plant was commissioned in September 2013 to the customers complete satisfaction.

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