The two original 2,150m3 Vergas gas holders were installed just 12 years ago. No.2 Gas holder was condemned by our specialist Service & Inspection Team in August 2021, due to inner membrane fatigue, associated with abrasion from the metallic straps holding the internal target plate. Anglian Water Services decommissioned the No.1 Gas Holder soon after, knowing its condition was similar.  Utile were asked to quote to replace these on an emergency basis.

Utile quoted Anglian Water direct on the 25th August 2021, were awarded the contract on the 27th August, commenced install on the 27th September and commissioned back to biogas on Friday 15th October. Accomplished in just 7 weeks, Utile were able to design, manufacture, supply and install 2 new, Sattler, B9 122/250 Double Membrane 2,150m3 ground mounted Gas Holders and associated 6 mast Lightning Protection System in accordance with BSEN62305, rolling sphere method to LSP1 protection.

Special thanks must go to our Partners, Sattler for their ability to manufacture these gas holders in record time and Anglian Water Services themselves, who worked closely with us to provide the support services necessary to make the install happen safely and on time.

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