Membrane Gas Holders

Whether you have a floor mounted double membrane, or a roof mounted “dome” with double membrane for gas storage or a single membrane for odour control, there is an essential requirement for on going inspection, maintenance, service and renewal of Gas Holders.

Utile are in the privileged position to be able to provide their team of fully trained, certified and skilled engineers to carry out these services on your Gas Holder, whoever the original manufacturer. We are perfectly placed in the Midlands to conduct these services throughout the UK for Water Companies, Municipal Contractors, Waste to Energy and Farm AD Plant. We are ISO9001 and Gas Safe Certified and have Achilles UVDB B2 Audit Status, ensuring we conduct our works with the utmost safety in mind, providing a full Inspection schedule and report to allow you to make strategic decisions about your plant.

For periodic inspections and in the absence of legislation for membrane Gas Holders, Utile work generally in accordance with the IGEM/UP/4 guidelines for “Variable volume gas holders storing lighter than air gases”.

Utile Gas Safe engineer preparing for entry through the viewing window for internal inspection

Digester roof “dome” with double membranes for gas storage

A team of Utile fully trained and certified engineers after completion of another successful inspection

We provide a pro-active approach when working with our customers to identify potential failures and detect deterioration before an issue can become catastrophic.

Often, modifications can be recommended to provide a more robust solution to ensure the optimisation, efficiency and extended life span of an existing system.

With the increasing need for larger stored volumes of gas to aid the strategic use of CHP or for gas to grid applications, we can provide “special shaped” gas holders to increase the stored volume but utilising the existing plinth and ancillary equipment. This can save considerable cost when comparing against full replacement services.

Since 1991 Utile have been the sole UK Distributor for the Sattler product range and are able to supply and install replacement membranes when your product reaches the end of its design or working life. Download the Inspections/Service brochure

Utile will supply new Sattler membranes with existing air blowers, OPV & controls to maintain plant safety and integrity with minimal spend

Inspection reveals major safety issues due to lack of regular on site maintenance

Air blower sets and anchor ring inspections to assure on-going integrity