Continuous Air Mixing

The Utile continuous aerobic mixing system is designed to operate in SAS, Thickened Sludge, and Buffer Tanks providing aeration to keep solids in suspension during these various phases of the sludge treatment process. It can be installed as a dedicated system to an individual tank or to operate sequentially through a series of tanks. Download the Air Mixing Systems Brochure

The Utile Approach To Continuous Air Mixing

Dependant on the tank design, aspect ratio and mixing requirements, Utile will provide a complete package: designed, built, installed and commissioned to the clients specific requirements.

The air compressors are manufactured by Utile at our works in Northamptonshire, sized to meet your exact requirements, providing reliable operation within a single or duty/standby system. Mechanical and electrical protection equipment to suit the environment and zoning are designed in, to form a fully functioning package from standard IP55 safe area to outdoors, zone 1, ATEX compliant if necessary.

Air is fed from the compressor package to a low level splitter manifold. This manifold incorporates non return valves, flow indicators, jetting facility and “trimming” valves which balance the air flow to obtain maximum efficiency within the tank and provide the facility to check the flow through each line. The individual feed lines continue up the outside wall to a bulk head connection above the top liquid level and follow the same path down the inside to ground level. Air is then discharged to pass through the tank contents via a floor level diffuser system to develop the mixing pattern required in order to maintain a homogeneous mix.

Utile offer a total solution from commencement of design to final commissioning and after sales support. Our team of skilled sales, technical, design and installation engineers offer peace of mind and carry respective certification for every aspect of work from coded welding to CORGI registered pipe work installers.