About Utile

Utile Engineering is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of air and gas compressorsvacuum pumps and gas boosters.

Our strength lies in our ability to tailor gas boosters, air compressors, vacuum pumps or any other of our products to meet specific industrial requirements and to offer full turnkey packages, on-site installation and dedicated service/commissioning.

Utile also specialises in products for general industry, such as vacuum tankersdairy vacuum pumpsde-watering to gas/air mixing systems for the Utilities. Utile has a product range including sliding vane (oil free and oil lubricated), centrifugal, diaphragm, and piston to satisfy all requirements.

With over 90 year’s experience, the Utile product range has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of industry.

Our manufacturing, fabrication, sales and services divisions are all based in the United Kingdom, employing a network of distributors globally.


Utiles’ innovative concept for gas booster and compressor design is used to capture and process gases in applications such as Oil Field Vapour Recovery, Anaerobic Digestion, Instrument Venting and Landfill Sites with maximum efficiency. Thus, with installations across the globe, Utile are reducing carbon footprint, providing savings in costs and minimising the impact on the environment.


“Whale has had a close working partnership with Utile for the past 25 years, developing and manufacturing our Mistral vacuum pump range. The relationship has flourished due to the professionalism, quality and service that Utile provide.

I have confidence with the way Utile have had the vision to develop their business to cope with the present and future challenges that are now facing UK manufacturing.”

Mark Warmington, Managing Director, Whale Tankers Ltd