Vacuum Pumps

  • Dairy Vacuum Pumps – Australia

    Utile sliding vane, vacuum pumps have always been popular within the Dairy industry worldwide. Their most reliable service, robust build and cost effective servicing has always stood them apart from the competition, most especially when operating in harsh environments. For over four decades Australia has been an excellent market for the Utile diary vacuum pumps […]

  • Vacuum Priming Pumps – USA

    Utile are proud to be represented in the United States of America by Powley Pump Co Inc of Georgia, Atlanta for the distribution of their vacuum priming pumps. The range offered consists of the SP series flood lubricated, sliding vane vacuum pumps, incorporating the SP25, SPB60, SP200 and SP300 with displacements suitable for 2” to […]

  • Vacuum Priming Pumps – Australia

    Utile have recently partnered Allight Sykes in Australia. Allight are an OEM manufacturer of Primax Mobile Dewatering Pump sets and are using the dry running Utile D51/R sliding vane, vacuum pump to dry prime their system. The ballast air injection system on the Utile, sliding vane vacuum pumps, allows longer running times and deeper vacuum […]

  • Liquid Waste Tanker – USA

    A Utile LW825 vacuum pump is shown in the “Classy Truck of the Month” article run in the October 2010 issue of the Pumper magazine. This truck was supplied through Utile’s distributor for liquid waste tanker vacuum pumps, ComVac Systems of, Enfield, Conneticut. Utile have supplied their range of vacuum pumps for this application to […]