Gas Holders

  • Southport STW

    Contracted by Eric Wright Water we recently supplied and installed a Sattler 3200m3 Model B9 125/250 double membrane gas holder for United Utilities. This incorporates duty/standby Zone 1 air blowers with flow control, over pressure valve, gas detection and laser level control. All equipment is supplied in accordance with WIMES 4.01 for coastal location. The […]

  • Bran Sands STW

    In May 2018 we supplied and installed the first Sattler 1190m3 Model B9 118/250 double membrane gas holder to replace the Kirk Biodome GS218. At the same time we also upgraded the gas suction and delivery lines to provide “double isolation” and purge points, to allow safe maintenance of the system. Utile have recently completed […]

  • Bran Sands STW

    Contracted by Northumbrian Water direct, Utile have been chosen to replace the 2No. Kirk Biodome GS218 gas holders with Sattler 1190m3 Model B9 118/250. These are equipped with the Sattler patented inner membrane stabilisation and air distribution systems. The original gas holders were only installed in 2009 and our internal inspections found the Biodome Type […]

  • Gas Holder Inspections & Service

    Utile are pleased to promote their ability to Inspect, maintain, repair or renew your membrane gas holders. Whether you have a floor mounted double membrane, or a roof mounted “dome” with double membrane for gas storage or a single membrane for odour control, there is an essential requirement for on-going inspection, maintenance, service and renewal […]

  • Banbury STW – Thames Water – Gas Holder

    This site had a Sattler 1350m3 double membrane gas holder, installed in 1994 therefore boasting over 20 years of trouble free operation. Utile, being the long standing UK sole distributor for Sattler double membrane gas holders were contracted by TWUL direct to provide an exact replacement, as the existing unit was at the end of […]

  • Wargrave STW

    Contracted by Costain through the Eight 2 0 Partnership, Utile have recently designed, installed and commissioned an 1100m3 Sattler Double Membrane Gas Holder, at, Thames Water Utilities Wargrave STW site. The bespoke design allowed install of the 1100m3 volume gas holder on to the existing footprint of the original 500m3 unit, thus reducing civil design […]

  • Berry Hill STW

    As part of the overall site refurbishment program, Nomenca have contracted Utile to design, supply and install a 1350m3 Sattler double membrane gas holder for this Wessex Water site. The installation is a conventional ground mount and complete with1.5kW air blowers as well as our patented inner membrane stabilisation and air distribution system.

  • Crediton STW (Lords Meadow)

    Working with Nomenca, this South West Water site has had its 20 year old 170m3 Sattler gas holder renewed by Utile with a direct replacement, again manufactured by Sattler. A simple ground mount installation was completed in 2 working days by our team of experienced engineers, utilising the existing air blowers and rope length level […]

  • Bellozanne STW

    Through Doosan Enpure, Utile have supplied a 570m3 Sattler Double Membrane gas holder to this States of Jersey sludge treatment centre on the Island of Jersey. Scheduled for install in late 2014 and to come on line in mid 2015 this will be a prestigious project, where Utile have also been contracted to supply the […]

  • Snodland AD Plant

    Utile have been commissioned by Smurfitt Kappa to install a 400m3 Sattler double membrane gas holder as part of the new AD facility at this Industrial paper processing plant. Our design incorporates 3kW air blowers operating on a duty and standby basis using automatic pressure stabilisation via our “smartdrive” control system.