Dairy Vacuum Pumps – Australia

Utile sliding vane, vacuum pumps have always been popular within the Dairy industry worldwide. Their most reliable service, robust build and cost effective servicing has always stood them apart from the competition, most especially when operating in harsh environments.

For over four decades Australia has been an excellent market for the Utile diary vacuum pumps and having the right distributor to service such a vast area is critical to ensure product exposure and reliable service to the Dealers and Farmers. Dairy-Rite, a subsidiary of ACE Filters International offers this service and experience when representing the Utile MP series vacuum pumps in the region.

Dairy-Rite, PO Box 90, East Ringwood, VIC 3135
Tel: +61 (0) 408 959 747
Email: bruce@dairy-rite.net
Website: www.dairy-rite.net

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Utile Engineering - Environmental Engineering Solutions


Utiles' innovative concept for gas booster and compressor design is used to capture and process gases in applications such as Oil Field Vapour Recovery, Anaerobic Digestion, Instrument Venting and Landfill Sites with maximum efficiency. Thus, with installations across the globe, Utile are reducing carbon footprint, providing savings in costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

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Utile Engineering, providing you with multi-skilled and highly trained engineers who give a first class level of service.


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Supplier No. 57407


Supplier No. 57407

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