Beer Sheva STW – Anaerobic Gas Mixing

As part of an “Own and Operate” contract for Minrav Infrastructure Ltd, Utile have been selected to supply 3No. new L175HP oil lubricated, sliding vane gas mixing compressor packages to the Beer Sheva STW, to feed their existing digester gas mixing systems. They replace Italian, Mapro compressors that were removed from site. The site is situated in the Negev Desert in Southern Israel that experiences extreme temperature conditions up to 45DegC. The Utile product has been chosen for its reliability in such conditions experienced in Israel over the past 20 years.

The scope of works was to design, build, test, deliver, supervise install and commission (3No. duty only gas mixing compressor packages for continuous lance gas feed in the Anaerobic Digesters. The Utile gas mixing compressors were sized to replicate the original gas compressors installed and the packages were designed to exactly fit the existing suction and discharge pipework on site, thus making the installation a “fit and forget” solution.

Eisenbruch Engineering, Utile’s long standing local Distributor in Israel, co-ordinate the install and commissioning and provide Minrav with the reliable service expected to support the Utile products.

The project was delivered and installed in February 2018 with commissioning anticipated in April 2018.

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Utiles' innovative concept for gas booster and compressor design is used to capture and process gases in applications such as Oil Field Vapour Recovery, Anaerobic Digestion, Instrument Venting and Landfill Sites with maximum efficiency. Thus, with installations across the globe, Utile are reducing carbon footprint, providing savings in costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

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